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Katei – We are story telling photographers ( Vietnam Family Photographer )
We honestly believe there is enough true emotions and beauty to your family day that do not need to be posed or fabricated. Focusing on the real life happening throughout the day creates space for us to be present and capture intimate moments between the subjects that you do not expect. Moments that are the most real. Eye contact, touch, emotion, laugh and humour all play a major part in our shooting style. When we deliver pictures to you, we believe authentic and candid images will last a lifetime We like to help people relive the memories of their very precious family time together.
Katei ” in Japan means Family. When life happens to get tough, we wish the photographs will help you to find your way back home

Our Stories

Our lives are built upon thousands of little stories.We can look back at our family photos and home movies and see the places where we grew up, the walls of our childhood bedrooms, our favorite long-forgotten toys.These visual records are our proof: that life may not always have been easy, that we often lost sight in the marathon of the everyday, but in the end, it was those daily, mundane moments that mattered most. That the beauty of life was, and is, truly in the ordinary.
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